What do babies want? Babies want milk and to be carried. What do children want? Children want to spend time with their parents and play. What do parents want? Parents want to have good children and be able to provide for them. What do women want? Women want security and to be told they are beautiful. What do men want? Men want to feel like victors, be respected and sex. What do mothers want? Mothers want to protect their children and have fathers be there for the children. What do fathers want? Fathers want to teach their children stuff and keep their girls forever. What do people want? People want whatever they don’t have and to enjoy life.

The rich want more money and to keep it. The poor want money. The sick want health. Christians want to go to heaven and be blessed by God. Employees want to be paid well with less effort and be independent. Employers want to get more work done for less pay and huge profits. Leaders want to stay in power and make a change. Friends want someone who will listen and understand. Old people want health and are surrounded by loved ones. Teenagers want independence and to try out things. Students want to pass exams without much effort finish school.

Everyone wants something. Most of us want many things. So the question is not what you want. The question is what you will do when you get what you want. Or we can take it a step deeper. Why do we want what we want? Wanting is not a bad thing. It motivated us to do things. It is the reason we accomplish things. It helps us have hopes and dreams.

But when does it stop?  At what level does wanting turn into a cancer? This is a question everyone must answer for themselves individually. So we can keep our wants intact. Unfortunately, most of us will want something else before we enjoy the want we have gotten. Or we find that that what we wanted is not what we wanted in the first place but there is a place where you get.

There comes a point in life where you put an end to this unending circle of what you want. And decide what you have, is exactly what you wanted. That is the point you react maturity. That is a point where life becomes an enjoyment. That is the point of total fulfilment and contentment. And that is the point where the question turns into, what do the people around me want or need. How can I help them achieve it?

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