Living Life is about us sharing and growing together in Christ. As we learn how to live a life worth living.  You read more about  what we believe here


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My name is Mimi Ronilla. Am 24 years, married and a civil engineering student. Am a born again Christian with a passion to draw closer and closer to God with every breath i take. My other goal is to have the healthy body God created me to have and feel good.

My hobbies are creating art, singing, dancing, touring, shelling, making jewelry, writing, reading and organising stuff, taking photos, Writing

How the blog was founded

I discovered my passion to write when i was 15. I started by writing my stories in form of a diary and the passion picked up quick. From there i wrote about lessons i learnt or just anything i thought about which i posted on Facebook once in a while. My husband opened a blog for me to share my thoughts but i cant say i really understood what blogging was all about. It was not until June 2016 that the love for blogging really got to me – with the encouragement of some friends and family. And here we are today, still writing. so sit back, relax, and read yourself away. Thanks a lot.