You are One

When you enter into marriage, you begin it with your spouse, just the two of you. And fact is unless you separate or die, you will end it just the two of you.

No one can be in your shoes despite having gone through familiar experiences, you are unique in every way and only you can understand your spouse as much as she can understand you.

Yes, what happens in between will help you grow together or apart, it might make you lose focus on each other but in the end! That is the one and only person that is one with you!

Prioritizing your partner

So if you get kids and neglect your spouse putting all your focus on raising the kids and forget about watering your marriage, remember that one day your kids will be gone to make marriages of their own and you will suddenly find yourself with a person you grew apart from years ago. Moreover letting your kids to go only having learnt to love their own children and not their spouse!

Yes you will need to work and make sure the family has all it needs, but at some age, your boss will not need you anymore or your body will keep you home and how will you go through a day at home with someone if you do not connect!

Yes you might have family and loved ones. But a point will come when they all have their plates full or just can´t understand.

Wake up! In marriage, the priority is only your spouse! Like it or not, love him/her or not, at the end, it will be just the two of you.

So work upon building a bond that will help you in storms and make your life with your better half easier. Marriage is a decision! It goes fur deeper than feelings or actions! it is being completely one and selfless, inspired by the love Christ had for the church as his bride!

To all my married friends out there or those pressing to be married one day. Let us continue to set our priorities right.

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