If you take way the light from the sun, moon, stars and manmade light, would there be darkness? No! God created light before he created the sun,moon and stars. (Genesis 1:3,14) Imagine this light. What do think it looks like? It may be hard for us to relate to this light because we have never lived a day without the sun, moon and stars, and some of us, a day without light from electricity and fire. So we think these are the source of light.

To take it a notch higher, the light God created on the first day, is created light too. There was a light even before this genesis 1:3 light. It’s source is God himself. Because we know that God is light. (John 8:12). This the light from God’s glory is of completely different characteristics. (Which we will look at later on in this lesson)

See God was the light from the beginning. And yet he created a world that is almost self sustaining and can almost exist without him. That can have light in the natural sense without his constant intervening. Because he is a God of love. (Of course we know nothing runs without God.) The light we have on this planet have served us greatly and enabled life as we know it to thrive. But when we take away all the light we know in the physical realm, the result there of is not darkness. But rather a beauty of God’s own sufficient light. His light existed before we were created, it will even after. Because he is the light. we see in revelation that God will be the light. There will be no need for any created things providing light. Because God’s glory will be our light. And the lamb our lamp (Revelations 21:23)

So why is light so interesting? Well the natural light that was created enables us to see anything it shines upon. It only can travel in a straight line and casts shadows on any obstacles it meets. It does not shine in all places and must be sustained or it can go out. It is temporary and the life it sustains is just as it is, also for a time.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. – Psalm 119:105

But there is a greater light. The light that comes from God.

  • This light enables us to see even in the dark (John 1:5).
  • Not only see but it takes the dark out of us. It sustains us.(psalm 27:1)
  • It is a way of life, we walk in it (1 John 1:7).
  • We let it shine.(Matthew 5:16)
  • We believe in it (John 12:36)
  • It is everlasting (John 8:12)
  • This light does not shine only on some parts and leaves others dark. No! It drives out darkness all over. No Shadows. (1 John 1:5)

This light is from God. For God is light.

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