About notes

My daily reflections on life.


I am blessed to have recognised, as early as at 15 years of age, that writing was my passion. I began out by writing about my love life, kind of a diary, which I wrote as a novel ha-ha, crazy stuff. But I dropped that really quick as I gained a passion to write about my art. I drew all sorts of things getting inspired by nature, in combination with a verse and then wrote a short note at the back of each art piece. Sometimes, the verse came first, other times the note, then I saw the picture in nature. Other times, I just saw it, and then I wrote it. As time went by, I realised I wanted to be an author. There was so much to write about so many ideas. It all came flowing, I felt I would miss it, forget it, or it would be such a waste if I did not write it down in that moment. My biggest drive to writing is the desire to want to capture the thought, to save it, so that it is never forgotten.

So I started writing down the topics, which then led me to writing down the summarized notes which I would later use as a plan for my books. And that led me to where I am. With series and series of notes. And no book! Yep! No book! Not even one. 10 years down the road and am still planning my books. Well like the saying goes ” to have a great building, you need to invest in the foundation”.  I don´t regret not having published a book- not even for a second because I found my true passion. It was, in writing simple notes of what truly inspired me.

I did not start publishing my writings till 2010. I started out occasionally on Facebook. But as I published more and more, my then boyfriend (now husband) created this blog for me in 2012. So here I am, writing myself away. And actually, I love it. I write here like I would write in my own private journal. And it is fun. Anyway, back to notes. Notes are a series of things I think about. I get the inspiration from day to day life. Most of my notes are things I think about as I am working, taking a walk, or doing anything. And when opportunity provides, I actually do write them down as they come to my mind. I start my first sentence not knowing where I will end, and I write as long as there is feedback from my brain. And when all thoughts I have about that topic are exhausted, I mark my last full stop. This means some notes are really long while others are extraordinarily short so please forgive me for the inconsistence. I love to combine my notes with nature. So I take photos that I feel bring out the message in my notes. Amazingly I have seen panoramas that have led and inspired me to write about some things. Basically I don´t sit down to prepare a note or even collect information, I just write what comes to my mind in that second, and post without editing or brushing up my ideas. I find that sometimes, somethings are said best at the first trial, revising ideas and editing these would get me out of the flow as i write.

With this said, I cannot say that everything I write is completely true, no, not at all. I am just learning. With time, I might think about the same thing again but time and experience might change my line of thoughts so I am sure I will contradict myself one day with increasing notes. This I will embrace because I know I am ever learning and changing plus it will be interesting to read the opinion I had before. So I could confidently  say that what i write or share is a symbiosis between my God, Art, and Thoughts. Ha-ha, I know I know, symbiosis only works for species but it was a nice metaphor.


It is not always that I carry my computer with me so sometimes, I write in my journal. My lovely journal in the picture was given to me by my lovely big sister. Isn´t she classy? With such a journal I could write an eternity. Ha-ha. Yet on other occasions, I don´t have it with me when an Idea suddenly dawns on me so I use my phone to note down something really quick, which I then share on my blog of course.

I am humbled that you visited my blog. So please, read yourself away and feel free to correct me on any misconceptions that  I might have. Oh how I would love to recommend some of the “must-read” notes but i guess I don´t really have a favourite. My current is always my favourite as it is most recent. But I could recommend reading any note about relationships. I believe nothing on this earth, functions without relationships. Please have fun, And may God bless you.

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