Faith is sight

Faith is sight

Faith is sight! It almost seems impossible to believe that faith can give sight especially in the world where we are taught that we should believe without seeing. It makes the idea of faith being sight sound like am oxymoron. we have been taught that we ought to believe before we see.

Yes! Jesus told Thomas, that blessed is that man who believes without seeing. In this verse. He was referring to someone who waits to see with their physical eyes before they believe. More so, Thomas had walked with Christ and had witnessed so many miracles, even the resurrection of Lazarus, yet he failed to believe Jesus could be alive just because he didn’t see it.

Faith that enables us to see the unseen

See we should not confuse believing without seeing and seeing because we believe. The world will say seeing is believing. But God says believing is seeing.

Elisha prayed to God, asking Him to open the eyes of his servant. See Elisha had faith even though they were sorrounded by an army. And yet it took the revelation of the angels to the servant for him to believe that God was by their side. Do we see how through faith, Elisha saw clearly? This is the perfect example of why faith is sight. His servant on the other hand, first saw and then believe. Without Elisha’s faith to see even the unseen, it would have never been possible for the servant to have an opportunity to also see, so that his faith too might be triggered.

Opportunities to help our faith grow

See God is not out there to set road block for us to stumble upon. He will give us numerous opportunities in life to have reason to trust in Him, his word, and believe that what he says, he has the power to fulfill. He doesn’t ask us to just believe without giving us – by his grace – just enough motivation that will push our faith to the next level. No! He does not expect us to come from zero faith and shoot up to 100% the day we hear about him. He is willing to walk us through it as we grow and get to know him better. And on this journey, we see his goodness, we see who He is, not only with our physical eyes but also with our spiritual eyes. And it is by this faith and trust we put in the Lord, that he reveals to us even things that we otherwise wouldn’t have known and gives us answers to questions that are unexplainable.

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