Pieces of Art captured on camera

I love art in all it’s vastness. I love to sing, I love to dance, and I love to draw. I love to create, I love to poetry, I love to imagine and I love to take photos.

When we travel, some people might see trees, mountains, water, a nice panorama, I see a piece of art, God’s touch, a moment to be captured, a desire to draw, what God drew. It is so beautiful that I would cry.

This perfect picture, says it all, you have to hear it. You must hear it. Can you hear it? It speaks to me, its voice is so silent, and yet its words so clear, they sink right into my heart, and there, they tell me that I have arrived. I take it all in, memorize every corner, see the angels, each perspective is magnificent, and then, I am ready, to take that shot, a shot that I will look at and always remember how this art piece made me feel at that time. Because in the reality, it’s beauty met the eyes, but the deepest beauty is that, which arose that feeling in my heart. The feeling of eternity. Peace overflowing

I publish some of the photos i take with a copyright watermark “The”  I do hope to have a separate page for my photos one day.


Rocky beaches
Rocky beaches






The city from Above
Majestic Alps