What do we allow our eyes to see?

Today let’s talk about TV.

Many of us underestimate the power of Television. We take for granted that we believe what we see. That comes naturally to us. Even if we know now that our eyes can believe an illusion or be tricked.

Of all senses, the eye seems to guarantee the truthfulness of an aspect. We believe it is true if we see it with our own eyes. That is why TV, while being good, can be deadly if we don’t intentionally with wisdom choose what we will watch. See we might hear things, and not believe them. And yet if the same things are shown to us, they all of a sudden becomes real antld true.

Seeing overpowers hearing

Remember Jesus said blessed are those who believe without seeing. He was challenging us to believe in Him, even without having to see. Why? Because sometimes we want to see something in order to prove it is true. But let us turn the tables. What if what we are seeing is not even true?

We have what we call eye witnesses for a reason. It seems like their report is more reliable than that of someone who was just told something. It is proven that humans always change the message if the hearing chain is so long. The more people hear something and pass on the information, the more the message will be perverted. We know this. And we have learnt, not to relay on just what we hear, at least, for the bigger part.

See radio has never been half as influencial as Television on our minds. Much as radio leaves the listener the freedom to create the image of what they hear in their mind, TV will obe that ht away us. Television will create that image for you and you will believe it, if you are not careful.

A resent example which I laughed over was the royal wedding. After it was done, they immediately showed a movie about the couple, how they met up to the wedding. It was such a good strategy to sell the movie. But after it was done, a few hours later,the person I watched with told me how the prince was almost eaten by a lion while he was in Africa. 😀😀😀. I laughed and told her that was the movie, not the news😀. She realised and said “I keep confusing the two.” Now much as we had watched the movie together, I realised her image of the Duke and duchess had changed.
Even I, who watched from the word go telling myself it is a movie, it ain’t true, sometimes tend to remember what I watched and wonder If maybe some bit of it was true.


Now TV is great for information. Let us talk news. News are meant to be true. But it would be really foolish to just believe all the propaganda in the news. Because at the end of the day, the news might be true, but the way they are presented will seek to communicate what either the government wants, or what the TV manager or the financially powerful people want. News can be used to lead the masses into a certain direction.

Those of us who have done interview that were to be shown later on tv know that only half of what they say is truly shown. And that sometimes, all of a sudden the meaning changes. It is through news that whole nations can try to wipe away others. So as we watch our news, let us also check ourselves if we are not moving with the masses into a certain mentality that we are supposed to break free of. This must not just be political, tribal, racial, sometimes the influence can be about the morals and suppression of rights or poverty mentality, rebellion or government dependency that’s being spread through news.

Check yourself and compare yourself with the people around you. If half the time you find that you, as a Christian agree with more than half of views of the common popular, maybe you are being influenced by something else other than God.

Where does the influence on Christians come from?

First of all God can not be in the same boat as the world, nor sin and righteousness, likewise you are a Christian should not have a world view. God doesn’t suppress our uniqueness. But he works with our different talents to bring his will done by different people in different ways. Even in the church, u r not supposed to be the “same” in all your ways. Unity doesn’t mean being same. But yet we try to imitate what we see even in churches. Imitating how we pray, how we talk, all because we saw someone we esteem of high spirit rank do it that way.

Christian movies

Let us take a look at Bible movies. The worst is the movie of Noah. How the fallen angels helped him build the ark n then God forgave them and as men killed them, they went to heaven. I mean imagine a person who ain’t conversant with the Bible watching that movie before reading the text.

The same goes to all those movies of Jesus as a child. Likewise the Hollywood movie the passion of Christ. Of which I must admit, I just can’t put my finger of the small details that were changed in the movie but reading today’s devotion, I was confronted with one which is true but not biblical. The saying “This too will pass” has picked ground from the movie but it is not a biblical text. God defines clearly what will pass and what won’t. Some things are a constant in the Bible because God is never changing and His word shall never pass away.

The question is, as Christians, do we let even Christian movies affect our faith? Have we believed them blindly without checking what the Bible says? Let us be vigilant. You don’t want to believe a lie when God has given us the truth.

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