All it takes, is maturity

It takes maturity to…

be happy for someone who has exactly what you want but can´t get.

to be rich and not feel the need to throw it in every one´s face

to have conflict with someone but still cover their sin against you

to be innocent and yet say sorry in the effort to reconcile

to be a parent and admit to your child you were wrong

to be a Christian and know that you are saved by grace and not keeping the law


to study, even if you feel like there are more interesting things to do

to be in pain and yet encourage another person with a less problem who is confiding in you

to be heart broken and yet not give up on love

to be a white and not always ignore the good in other races and expose all their mistakes

to be a wife and not be threatened by the notion of submissiveness

to be a man and not run away from a situation even if all the nerves in your system are screaming that is the only way out

to be a teacher and accept, a student knows something more than you

to be poor and not admire

to be a teenager yet know you don´t have to do things that you know will destroy your life, just to fit in, be cool and get friends

to be in love, and think with your head

to be a sinner and not try to rationalise and justify all your perverted behaviour

to be humble, and not have to be proud of the fact that you are humble

to be a woman, and know that your strength is not in forcing your way, but being gentle

to want something, and yet not buy it because you know you have enough or don’t need it

to forgive, without waiting for a sorry

to talk, considering the fact that your words have greater power than your actions will ever do

to listen patiently even if you have heard it over and over again

to act, not according to how you feel but to what you know is right

to complement someone genuinely, who you don’t want to be better than you

to accomplish something, and admit, it was not all by your own efforts

to know you won’t get poor, just because you gave

to believe, in more than you can see

it takes maturity, spiritual maturity, to be the person God created you to be.

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