Braining God

One of the greatest challenges when you acquire a lot of school knowledge is to understand what the word of God tells us. You find yourself in a situation where you try to reason out God carnally. This happens so naturally because it is what society has taught us, it is what has helped us come this far and it is impressive to have brains. But God is interested in our hearts and our faith. Not our Brains.

When we try to reason and understand what his word says about God and our spiritual lives, we won’t be able to understand anything and in the end it will seem like foolishness He says the foolishness of man is the wisdom of God and His wisdom is foolishness to man.

Do we hold on to tight to what we can understand with our minds, our bodies? Are we scared of the thing we do not seem to scientifically find an explanation for and try to act like it does not exist, or, are we willing to accept that there is more to life than we can understand and accept His to guide us into the understanding of Him? While the body tells us to earn what we want, God gives us salvation freely and sometimes it is so hard for us to submit and receive it because we are programmed to do so.

The spirit and the flesh are two completely different things with completely different needs and tastes. They affect each other in everything they do but the spirit is the greater of the flesh.

Paul says they fight against another when the Spirit is willing to follow the hand of God while the body is attracted to the “precious things” of this world. With the help of the word of God, we His word and ways act like a tap that will open up the flow that is in the spirit to come to the flesh so that these two, might be aligned to each other. That they might be one, this makes the faith we live much easier.

God is a spirit and we can understand his will for our lives when we surrender to his leadership.

He reviles Himself in ways the human brain cannot comprehend. And his Grace is sufficient for us and our lives. He will guide us through life and teach us all we need to know. He will take us beyond our bodies and let us experience the life in the spirit in the completeness of his presence.

All we need to do is surrender.

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