The parent-child.


The cry of age.

A mother can raise 10 children but 10 children cannot raise a mother.

It seems like the more kids you have, the more your chances are to be lonely in your old age. Lazily they will look at each other as they expect the other to be there for you, “I am not the only child, what are the rest doing?” Or each giving an excuse that s/he is busy.

Do you have an old mother or father? Have you ever thought about how lonely he or she feels on those sleepless nights and ache filled days? Wouldn’t it have been easier for him /her to know s/he is alone because s/he has no child rather than s/he is alone because you neglected him/her? Do you feel you have done enough? Or feel too busy?

Yes! It is true. The jobs and struggles of today make time limited but choose your priorities right.

You say you must work, but just because you have a job, you should be more capable to look after him/ her. The kids need care! But hey! What are grandparents created for? Or you have no time. You better make time. There is nothing that can stand in the way if you really want to care.

Remember that you will never have a chance to look after your parent as long as s/he looked after you! Parents never live longer than your childhood once they get weak. Yes. It is a chance to look after them because that could be one of the nicest ways to say thanks for the care they showed. Remember that s/he had a job too and had struggles but made sure you get through life well and learn the most important lessons so as to look after yourself.

Latest then, when you are her/his age, you will understand. But don’t wait that much before you hear her/his silent cry. A sound is not familiar to our ears but to our hearts. Don’t make your old parent wish she never had a child

This is dedicated to all those struggling to find a balance between parental love and life´s struggles.

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