Prayer for Generosity

SavedPicture-201682073626.jpgSometimes, we find that it is too hard for us to give. Why is this? Yet as Christians, we have a father who is so generous.


Most times, we fear to give because we look at giving as losing. We are losing something precious to us. Something we worked hard for.

When we go about life thinking that everything we have, everything we are, is because of our own efforts, then we tend to hold on to tight to everything we can offer the people around us. Yet I real case, most of the things we have, if not all, are things we never earned.

Then other times it is just plain selfishness due to our sinful nature.


It is important to give. You might ask yourself what you gain. But giving is receiving. There is so much joy in making other people happier. You also learn to get your focus off yourself and get to see the bigger picture and thus have more insight when you are faced with difficulty.

Giving is our way to tell God that we trust him. He says that if we give, he will open up the flood gates of heaven. We shall have in abundance. Of course this is to motivate us but it is not the sole reason we should give. God looks at the heart. It is written that He loves a cheerful giver.

The bible does encourage us to be generous with our time, property and hearts. If you are finding it hard to give, please don’t hesitate to ask the giver of all things to give you a rich heart of generosity.


Dear Lord, You are the giver of all things. No one can out give you. Teach us to give like you give and take away the fear that we lose something, when we give. But rather show us in all ways that giving is gain. Teach us to use this opportunity you give us each day, to tell the the people around us of your love. Open our eyes to see the need and to have compassion towards others so that your name might be given glory because of the generosity of your people.


prayer for generosity (2)


3 thoughts on “Prayer for Generosity

    1. Wow, This is great news Clearissa. Surely everything you give to God will be used more than your you can ever thing. May God continue to work in you and through you. I´ll keep praying for you. Thanks again for giving.


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