Faithful soils

faithful soilsYou might be corrupt, but you cannot involve nature in this kind of behaviour. The soil will only bring back to you what you sow.


You don’t go planting pepper and expect sugar. You can only reap. What you sow.

Sowing is not only the placing of seeds into the ground. It includes nurturing the seedlings, watering them, adding manure, keeping weeds away.

Surely if you fail to keep away the weeds, you might get to see the plants germinate if you are lucky, but they will get suffocated by the weeds and thus bear no fruit.

Some of us love planting long term crops. When we are told to plant coffee, we plant trees, thinking to ourselves,” they need less care and efforts, by the time the others find out. I will have gotten my profit and be long gone. „And as time goes on, you start thinking you got away with it. But surely, when the fruit is ripe, you will realise, after all these years that you had only fooled yourself. Time doesn’t change the fruit you will reap.

When you realise, you are sowing the wrong plants, e.g. growing an orange instead of a mango,   you can patch the oranges around and try to genetically modify them but you cannot get the original mango you wanted. You may get something between orange and mango fruit. To get a real mango, you have to start afresh.  There are no shortcuts in sowing.  You will either have to wait for the oranges to grow and see the gain or loss they bring to you, or just don’t wait so long but cut them down plant what you ought to.

Sowing is also about choosing your land well. You won’t take your beans and place them on the rock expecting them to grow. Surely they will be for a good cause because you will have given the birds free food. Neither can you plant them in sand which doesn’t know how to contain water. Sand and rock will look at you, but won’t help you.

Have you asked yourself where you are sowing your seed?

Are you planting love in deceitful grounds? Basing education on cheating? Do you plant lies and expect to ripe trust? These are just simple examples.

Integrity should be seen in our fruits. Honesty, love, faithfulness, character, name it all. We can only bear such fruit when we grow seeds from God, on Holy grounds, and with God’s hand to nurture of plants.

In all you do, bear this in mind. You will always reap what you sow.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Galatians 6:7 )

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