Give him / her time

image_100 (2)Most times when we are hurting, we keep away from everyone. Even from the very people who are innocent or who we know we can trust or lean on.

Reason we give for this behaviour being we don’t want to be reminded of what we went through, at least it’s what we say (and it is right) but other times the reason is we want to be alone so we can really fill bad about ourselves.

Being around people we really like makes us feel bad because the people who love us try to help and we sometimes just don’t want to be  helped. It makes us also jealous or reminds us of the joy we once had when we see people who seem to have it all figured out, according to our brocken selves.

This should not be the case. No matter how we feel, we should not let ourselves go or get into depression because of what we went through. There is always a way out. There is help.

If you have someone like that, you should not necessarily keep out like  request but instead in wisdom try to help someone in this sorry state. Because if you don’t, the pain that person might not really break free of this deadly circle.

Yes, that person might let out all the aftermath of what they might have gone through on you. But with love, patience and care, we can help someone heal. All they need is time. For time heals all wounds.


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