A carefree Life.

A carefree attitude 1As a child, there was a time when my answer to everything was “I do not know” oh yeah, that annoyed many, but in the real sense, I didn´t know what to pick when I was offered many varieties! So in the confusion of what could be the best, I decided to leave to choice for the adults! Ha-ha. That way, I had no stress, but now! Damn! Cannot say I do not know anymore!

I notice that this carefree attitude was accompanied by trust. Trust that the people who make choices for you will do them just fine.   But it also didn´t matter when they failed.  This is something you lose as you grow up.  You get to hear or learn through experience that “if you want to do something, do it yourself“. Doing it on your own, doesn´t guarantee satisfying results. Because if at all,  things got bad, you find yourself struggling  and straining to do it best, leading to ,sometimes, unnecessary pressure.

But we have to learn to let go, at a point, to go back to the child in us, and let it teach us what the true meaning of life is all about, the things we have forgotten. There comes a time, when you cannot change anything anymore. And it is at this moment, when you have to learn, to let go, to trust that even without you killing yourself, things can turn out right. It is not for nothing that the saying care killed the cat came into existence.

Because the enormous struggle makes us forget life, forget what should be important, and forget how to live, let’s take time to “smell the rose”. Let us take control of how we react to all situations and know when to say enough is enough.  For we may live, desire, accomplish, etc. But only you can grant yourself peace, and by this, i mean peace that passes all understanding which is a free gift from God.

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