Humility put to test

humilityHumility is such a wide topic. It is so wide to the extent that no one can stand and say „I am 100% humble”. Only Jesus – the greatest of all fulfilled all aspects of humility. And as we believe in Him, we keep pressing on by his grace and one day, we will get there.

Now today I have been taught, that humility is also to listen patiently to someone telling you what you already know. Isn’t it amazing how you sit down there burning to just make that person understand, how much you know about what they are trying to teach you?

Pride loves to talk about itself. As a child, mom taught me not to answer adults rudely when they are talking to me. I thought it was being respectful, but now that I am constantly confronted with people telling me what I think I know, I know how much it takes not to say “I know”.

More so now that we love in the world where everyone thinks and says “I know it all” We feel the need to show off our wisdom because we don´t want to take the chance and risk people thinking we are ignorant.

But deep inside, we know where this war – pride against humility – takes place. That the only reason there is an urge to say “I know” is because you want to feel proud, take credit, and show you are clever.

When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2)

Sometimes it even doesn’t hurt when someone tells us something all over again. They might say something that you actually did not know or expound on your knowledge.

#respectable sins , humility


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