A walk in the trees: Look up

DSC_1184 (2)There is that wonderful feeling you get when you get your eyes off the ground and look up. You see beyond yourself and realise that there is no limit. Not even the sky.

DSC_1183 (2)  DSC_1180 (2)

These Photos were taken in the forests in Saarbrücken just as the trees were beginning to recover from the long winter. The branches without the leaves gives us a lovely insight on the growth – pattern of the trees.

DSC_1345 (2)

Below is a lovely view of the forest trees with their fully grown fresh leaves. It gives so much colour to the forest.

DSC_0107 DSC_0137

Forgive my sneaking into the photo. Had to show these huge trees some love. 🙂 The tree on the right is actually one single tree that grew into 3 huge branches from the bottom. Or is it three trees that grew so strangely close? I could not figure out. Can anyone guess how old these trees are?


This is a response to the  Daily Post Photo Challenge: Look up



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