Every Cloud has a silver lining

every cloud has a silver liningAt the edges of every cloud, we can see the sun shining in form of a beautiful silver lining. This sight is not only beautiful but also reminds us that Sun, is still present amidst the storm. Just because we can´t see it, does not mean it is gone. It is just blocked by the passing clouds. The same applies to times when we feel like all hope is gone. This tiny silver lining becomes a ray of hope that keeps us going.

Too many times we go through difficulties and feel weary. It feels like it is too much and the question as to “why this keeps happening to me in particular” becomes daily bread. We get frustrated, depressed, moody and stressed under the weight of whatever we are undeservingly going through. In that moment, it feels like we won´t make it through. The storm will not pass. And the load is too much to carry as out emotions collapse under this weight. Time drags by and hope fades.

But yet, if we are courageous enough to look back, we will see how much we went through in the past, that we thought would kill us at that moment. Our eyes are opened and our visions is clearer. we think. “if i went through that, maybe i will go through this too” And yet the temptation of thinking what is behind us was and is not as bad as what we are faced with today.  This is actually true. But we need not forget that at that past time, that situation was just as tough then because of the lower level we were at.

Endurance built  us and helped us get ready for the bigger challenge- maybe this Challenge. We have all it takes to conquer even this seemingly hopeless situation. Because “God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” So take heart, when you are in the storm. May the silver lining be a reminder to you that the storm will pass and you will be a victor. We should be confident that the difficult times will lead to better days.



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