education (2)My mom once said that she had never heard anyone say “I regret having gone to school”  no matter how unsuccessful one would be, and mess up his life, even after years of continuous efforts put in education,  they would still be proud, to be learned.


There is one thing you can never take away from an educated person, that is, their confidence.

No matter how hard school is, no matter how stressed and overburdened we may feel,   one fact still stands, it’s never too late

Funny thing about education is it has no formula, no age limit nor time span.  We should learn to learn even if we go out of school.  Our brains need knowledge, just as our bodies may need food, to survive.  Regardless of how much you have to do, or how little time there is left to read, one should be able to spare a little time, to satisfy the brain.  Has anyone heard of brain redundancy?  That´s what gets, if we don´t use our brain capability so well and continue to build up on what we know.   It’s all about setting priorities.


Some may think it’s too late or they are too old! But the fact that we all start going to school as kids, does not mean school is for young people only.  Sometimes it’s not how fast you get there, but how you get there.  If you have a goal in sight, pursue it, and get it, at the end.  No one will care how early you got there, but what you achieved.

Too bad the results we get at school, determine our future, but we should learn to know knowledge is more to it than results.  its also the ability to be able to put the things you learn into practice,

don´t let anything get you down, because it might take us long, but we should be able to be patient , also with ourselves and achieve one by one, not letting desire to be fast at getting rich for example stand in the way of what we would have achieved, if- we pressed on longer,

In all we do, we should remember, we learn for no one else apart from ourselves.   So it is your decision, where there is a will, there is a way.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. – Albert Einstein

PS, Am so proud of you Suzie. Mostly for setting for me a standard to follow in my education life. love you a zillion times.

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