When Heaven cries

In still silence, they watched,

none attempting to breath

would he resist, or will he do it,

And a tear, flowed from His eyes,

in sorrow, the angels saw the loss in the Lord´s eyes,

man had fallen.



Oh the greatness of the pain,

God felt, when He had to look on,

how man blindly lost his way,

no one could possibly imagine,

How much sorrow God felt,

in compassion he knew what he had to do,

For man, could not save himself


Sin spread so fast, hearts grew cold

and soon, they forgot,

what it was like to be in the presence of God

in attempt, to free the earth from evil,

He told Noah, to build the ark

but still, sin ate it´s way through life


Generations past and here He was,

keeping the promises He had made to their fathers

He would save them out of slavery,

so that they could worship him once more

But they, did not understand,

that He was saving them out of more than Egypt,

and freely they made themselves captives of sin,

losing the freedom they thought they had


Colder their hearts grew,

and their fire for God, burnt out

they hated all the help God sent

they killed his servants

and turned their backs on him

for they resented Him.


Yet He had a plan,

He would come Himself, and save us

In compassion He brought light to the world,

but we were too cold to let it shine in our hearts

in humility He gave up His life

and the greatest pain was to watch the father turn away,

for the greatness of our sins laid on a pure heart

the heavens cried


But their cry was only for a short while

For He got the ultimate way of saving man

He had defeated death

Once again, man and God could be reconciled

For had taken the sins of the world


But the  heavens have to watch in tears,

as Christ stretches out His pleading hands for you.

having paid the price for you,

He does not want to lose you again,

when you reject the sacrifice He gave for you

When you break His heart


He won life back to you while you were still held captive

See the compassion in His eyes

and know that God loves you so much

Will you take His Hand?

And let Him lead you to life.

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