Understanding love unconditional

Understanding love unconditional
Understanding love unconditional

Sometimes when we think of love, we think we understand it. But on taking a closer look, we realise how blind we are.

We are blind because we cannot understand love if we are not of love. We are blind because the world has given us a definition of love that has been limited to a certain give-and-take perspective.

Love unconditional is when we are loved, without having deserved it.

But for example, here is a kind of love that has still kept most of its purity today, but also is diluted by who someone is. We all know “there is ‘no greater’ love than a mother’s love.” But for the fact, alone, that you are mummy’s baby makes the love cease to be unconditional. Look at it this way, would your mother love you this much if she were not your mother?

There are so many kinds of “love” and whether knowingly of instinctively, we all earn ourselves these kinds of “love” at one point of a time.

But there is this one Love. That will love you at your worst, and love you even more when you hate, deny, and abuse it. It is the love of Jesus. It is Jesus himself. He gave His life even before we knew Him. And never cease to call us to Him no matter how long we reject Him. It is His love that draws us to Him. Because it is so strong that it touches the deepest of our hearts. This love draws us surrendering into His arms.

But it sometimes takes us a while to really understand what love this is. Being drawn close to this love, we still come with what the world has always taught us. We believe that somehow, we need to earn it. Soon we forget that we came because we could not earn it and start trying to be worth the love. This either leads us to the path of self-righteousness and pride, or to the guilt of always failing to meet the standard we have set to please God.

It is at this point that we should go back to the first love, when we came because of the love He showed us and by faith we got healed and were made His own. We need faith every day to remind us that we are loved even when we fail. We are loved not because of what we do, but because of who He is. It is by faith, that we feel the love He has for us even when everyone else doesn’t.

Someone might say, saying we are loved without doing anything at all, is just a way to get lazy, take His love for granted, get away with doing all we want, but the bible tells us that while we were still sinners, He loved us.( Romans 5:8) Thus it is not about how good we are or how much we do. And nothing can separate us from His love which is through Christ Jesus. (Roman 8:37-38)

There is one true unconditional love.

The Father`s love.

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