June is a beautiful month, not only because I was born in June but also because of various reasons. Alone the sound of June is incredible. It is the month that marks the end of the first half of the year. It is that time of the year, where it is not too hot, yet warm enough for us to put on our lovely summer dresses. I had not known this significance until I moved to Germany. And yet back home in Uganda, June was that season, with the best weather of the year. The April rains were gone, and the December heat was long forgotten. A time in which we enjoyed the delicacy grasshoppers. In June, holidays are welcome and tourists swarm in. It is always nice to meet the excitement they have over the things you don’t normally take time to look at as you rush to work. In that one June moment, you feel like you there is more to that area than just appointments to cross off in your calendar. Concerts open in every corner, and there seems to be a lot of exciting engage in.

In June, the days are longer and give us opportunity to accomplish more, yet not too long to keep one awake all night. The birds fill the sky with songs of praise. The trees are just as glorious, they all have completely grown their lovely fresh young green leaves by now. Life is at it’s full swing.

And for me, it is the time when I get some love from the people who care for me. I grow a year older. Oh how I love June.

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