The blessing of Oneness

Eric+Ronilla-74_resultI have been given the blessing to get married early, to a wonderful God fearing husband. He comes with so many lovely qualities that have made our marriage amazing. To get a companion who you truly can trust is a wonderful thing. But to keep one and live in the confidence that he will always be there, is more than even amazing.

Before my marriage, I had my theories about marriage. Ha-ha. But now, now I know what commitment means. What it means for two to be one. What the real meaning of love is. And what it really means to know someone.  In my very short time in this institution, I have come to learn that this is a place, where you spend all your life, on an adventure. Every day is exciting as it is a chance to learn more about your significant other. And the best part of it all is he changes and so do you, so you do not run out of things to learn. It can never get too boring; you can never know it all. And with each new day, you become an expert in the study of your oneness. The greatest driving force is love.  You love this one person before you get to know them, you know them and still love them, then they change and you love them even more when they have changed because they change with you and you get to be part of the change.  I have come to learn that it is a life of growing together; making new experiences together that will shape you to be more alike. And with time, you lose a lot of what made you “you”, a lot of “my, I, ” and it turns into “our, us”  You build new characters together and new virtue, which bond you even more, letting go of the old. I love to think this is why after so many years of marriage, people start to look alike.  I mean, haven´t you ever wondered why a child has 99% DNA of both father and mother? I mean mathematically it would make 198% which is impossible so, what if this unity turns the DNA of husband and wife to be more alike. Ha-ha, ok, that was just to pull a string in your head but my point is, in all that I have learnt, I have come to appreciate my one and only so much. It is like us against the world with one foundation, one goal, one mind and one heart! With our armour of the spirit, a shield of trust, a helmet of communication, iron shoes of love, a sword of commitment, and as we face the enemy, he has my back and I have his.  Troubles start to lose volume when I see who is fighting with me. Successes have more meaning. Dreams seem more realistic when they are dreamt together; Quality time seems more breath taking when it is shared with that one person. It is so exciting, makes me feel like it is my wedding day every time I think about it.  And this feeling grows more each day. It is the drums of two hearts beating together to form the rhythms of our song. This is our love story, and the pen is in our hands. With all the scary examples of failed marriages and unhappily married people, who knew we would be this happy. It is not what we are doing right, but who is doing it in us. It is at this point that am humbled by that one uniting factor in our triple bond, which is God. He has brought us far and taught us a lot in such a short time, promising us even greater joys and blessings in our lives together, if we continue to dwell in him.

It might sound like am hopelessly romantic, but I am more in love with my husband, than I was with my boyfriend (who happens to be my now husband). He showed the whole world i am his, and am not afraid to show that he is the king of my heart.

Dedicated to my husband on our forth months Anniversary.  I love you today, more than yesterday.

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